Article about the history of Queen Elizabeth II

History of Queen Elizabeth II whether descendants of The King Rosuluwllah (“Descendants Prophet”) ??

In 1986 there was a small news appeared in the media, especially in the western parts of the world. The news was not so important and a lot of annoying people. It was still the atmosphere of the cold war. Most of emerging news about tensions between the West and the communist. In October of that year out of a claim by a renowned genealogist in the west. “Harold Brooks – Baker”. He did acknowledge himself as an expert scientific browse through western nobles and also various important characters. Harold Brook-Bakers make a simple statement to reporters and shocking to risk his reputation. “The British Royal Family Is Descended From Mohammed Through The Arab Kings Of Seville, Who Once Ruled Spain.” By marriage, their blood passed to the European kings of Portugal and Castille, and through them to England’s 15th century King Edward IV. ”
In short, Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. Of all the people don’t trust him if only King Hassan II of Morocco or King Hussein of Jordan, people can understand because they have descended from the Arabs. But for the Queen of England is very difficult to accept. Even if it can be rejected with a different argument, as put forward Harold Brooks-Baker.
This news is not addressed by the Buckingham palace, but welcomed by the Muslim community in the world “🌍🌏🌎”, although there are rejected because of limited insight and thought process to think. Moreover, the number two in the UK religion is Islam. What’s the story, Queen Elizabeth II was bloody Arab and his ancestors came from the tribe of Quraysh, the tribe of Prophet Muhammad. Genetically, the British royal family (the Royal Family) does have a lot of mixed blood of various world leaders from around the world. And strangely, provable historical documentation, although it can be reinforced by scientific research. The fact that Queen Elizabeth II has Arab blood from the Prophet Muhammad, will bring far-reaching consequences. why? If it is true historically and genetically, it means the same thing to say that almost all of the royal family in mainland Europe are descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. Start of Dynasty Romanov in Russia that the Bolsheviks deposed and executed family. The royalists Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil Nor), the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Yugoslavia, Italy, dynasty van Oranje of the Netherlands and many more. Because most of the royal families in Europe have the closest ancestor and can be tracked, the Queen Victoria of England. The queen who ruled over 60 years, has now become a descendant of the king and the queen in various western European countries. So, Queen Victoria called the “Mother of Europe” in the true sense. Queen Elizabeth II must be traced from Spain as the country’s most widely acquainted as well as the residence of the noble Arabs who controlled the country for more than 800 years. talking about Logic in 800 years time is no longer his brother through marriage ties to the long time span. -Note: “People working abroad can be married with the local people, even in a matter of 6-10 years. Especially for time in 800 years, the inevitable marriage and blood ties”. To find and prove the “Harold Brooks-Baker,” the ruling dynasty Ummayads there, as well as small dynasties ruling after the collapse Ummayads in 1031 in Spain and Portugal. As Abbadiyah ruling dynasty and establish and build the beautiful city of Sevilla. This dynasty had a blood descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. A daughter of the kings of this dynasty nobles married to Leon and Castille, who later gave birth to the kings of Portugal and finally the British. Obviously too many kings and queens of the monarchy in Europe. According to genealogists, there are five lineage that can trace descent from the Prophet Muhammad to the British royal family. All lineages that have weaknesses and strengths in scientific evidence historically. The line which we examine first, so it can be concluded that Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad? Lineage through a princess Abbadiyah dynasty, which Zaida. Talking about the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad in mainland Europe, the most unique examine to Queen Elizabeth II. Why? British Empire is an empire that is the most popular compared with other European nobility. Almost everyone knows who the Queen of England, who was Prince Charles and who will be Prince William or his mother, who became a celebrity world, the late Princess Diana. Not much is known about the kingdom of another Member, whom his example of Norway, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Spain or Queen of Denmark and genealogists According to the study, members of the British royal blood has links with many of the nobility in the world. One of them from the blood of the noble Arabian, who came from a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. But the fact is many do not trust him with a different argument. Not easy to prove. It should be a very strong historical data and should look for scientific evidence. If not, the fact it is nothing more than a permutations on paper, which is all anyone can do. Given the fact that the Prophet Muhammad that his descendants have not half-hearted, head of the Anglican Church of England. An ex officio positions that carried by any king or queen of England.
In fact, historical fact that states the existence of a blood relationship between the English nobility of the Prophet Muhammad, has been around a long time and the smell just wafted within academic circles or in book debate. Only “Harold Brooks-Baker” who dared to reveal to the media, so that the broad public knowledge. British Empire is now called the Windsor dynasty (House of Windsor) has an objective view of Islam, especially immediately following World War. Dozens of Commonwealth countries whose contents former British colony, it is predominantly Muslim. There is a small portion of these countries who chaired directly by the queen of England. For example, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and many more. Queen is only represented by a governor-general.
So, it is not possible for a king or queen, even the British prime minister has a negative opinion of Islam. Since the invasion futile war in Iraq, the British prime minister’s office began congratulate fasting to Muslims. Queen of England sometimes went to a mosque during a visit to Pakistan in 1961, or when to Algeria in 1983 and last listen holy verses of the Quran when it comes to a mosque in Turkey. But strangely, the new 2002 Queen Elizabeth II visited a mosque in their own land “England”, in Lincolnshire. And asked “Which direction to Mecca?”, The queen asked as he entered the mosque. Consanguinity queen of England with the Prophet Muhammad even more convincing a determination and identity of Muslims in the UK, the second largest religion after Anglican. “We Muslims England and she is our queen”, said a Muslim leader there from Pakistan. And many young people in the UK become converts Tracing the ancestors of the English royal members of the Arab nobility, many tracking is done through a Spanish-speaking and Portuguese literature. Language of the country where the Arab dynasty more than 800 years. Precisely rarely derived from Arabic.
There are several ways to see how the lineage of the Arab aristocracy there, lowering the kings in Europe to date. Each track has a lot of debate to be able to accept the fact that consanguinity. There are many degrees of speculation which is peppered with hypothetical connections in delivering a statement to prove that Prophet Muhammad lowers blood ties to the aristocracy of Europe. But it does not mean there is no blood relationship between the European nobility of the Prophet Muhammad. The relationship was always there from many sides searches. Even though the Queen is not a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, but she is related to the Prophet Muhammad. To find and prove the linkage, to know the state of the country Spain and Portugal during the reign of the Arabs there. They ruled for 800 years in various dynasties. Since 711 when Tariq bin Ziyad entered Spain via Gibraltar on the orders of Caliph Walid I of the Ummayads in Syrian, until in 1031 is the Ummayads dynasty. After they collapsed, the power transmitted by the small kingdoms that ruled locally until 1492, when Spain sterile smelling of Islam. Local dynasties were called “Party Kingdoms” or “Reyes de Taifas”. There are two dynasties who clearly consider themselves descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, namely Hammudiyah and Abbadiyah ruling and build city of Seville in the early second millennium. Abbadiyah dynasty is most easily browse member of the British royal ancestors who came from Arabia. Although it is not easy and is not free from criticism and arguments of a different opinion. The book that can draw an illustration of the Prophet Muhammad blood ties to the British royal family:

1 MUHAMMAD, (571-632)
2 FATIMA, married with Ali ibn Abi Talib died 661, so the caliph 656-661
3 HUSSEIN, (626-680), third Shia Imam
4. ALI Zainal Abidin, (653-713), 4th Shia Imam
5. MUHAMMAD AL Bakir, (681-733), 5th Shia Imam
6. Jaffar Saddiq, (708-765), 6th Shia Imam
7 ISMAIL, (736-764), the founder of Shia Ismailiyah8. MUHAMMAD, died 808
9. Wafi Ahmad, died 808
Muhammad Taqi 10, died 893
12. Ubayd Allah MAHDI, (846-934), the first Fatimid caliph in Egypt
13. MUHAMMAD AL Qaim, (873-946), the Fatimid caliph to 2
14. ISMAIL AL Mansur, (901-952), 3rd Fatimid caliph
15. DIHJA, married with Qaris bin Abbad, qadi in Seville, Spain
16. ISMAIL BIN QARIS, qadi in Seville, Spain
16. Muhammad I Abul KASIM, (980-1042), preacher in Seville, Spain (dynasty Abbadiyah)
17. Abbad AL MUTADID, (1010-1069) Emir in Seville, Spain (dynasty Abbadiyah)
18. MUHAMMAD AL Mutamid II, (1040-1095), Emir in Seville, Spain (Abbadiyah dynasty), sibling # 17
19. Zaida, married with Alfonso VI the Valiant, King of Leon (1065-1109), King of Castile (1072-1109)
20. Sancha, married with Rodrigo “El Franco” Gonsalez de Lara
21. RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ DE LARA, married with Garcia de Azagra
22. Sancha de Lara, married with Gonzalo (II) Ruiz Giron, died in 1234
23. MARIA GONZALEZ RUIZ, married with Guillen Perez de Guzman
24. MARIA, died in 1262 married with Alfonso IX, King of Castile (1312-1350)
25. Beatrix, married with Alfonso III, King of Portugal (1248-1279)
26. DIONISISO, King of Portugal (1279- 1325), married with Isabel of Aragon, daughter of Pedro III, King of Aragon (1276-1285)
27. ALFONSO THE BRAVE IV, King of Portugal (1325-1357), married with Beatrice, daughter of Sancho IV, King of Castile (1284-1296)
28. MARIA, (1313-1357) married with Alfonso XI, King of Castile (1312-1350)
29. PEDRO THE Cruel, King of Castile (1350-1369), married with Blance of Bourbon
30 ISABELLE (1355-1394), married with Edmund, Duke of York, England died in 1402
31. Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cambridge, died 1415, married with Anne Mortimer, Clarence family successor
32. RICHARD, Duke of York, married with Lady Cecily Neville, daughter of Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmoreland
33. EDWARD IV, King of England (1461-1483), married with Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Woodvile
34. HENRY VII, King of England (1485-1509), married Elizabeth died in 1503
35. MARGARET, married with Archibald, Earl of Angus
36. LADY MARGARET DOUGLAS, died in 1578, married with Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox, died in 1671
37. HENRY STUART, Lord Darnley, Duke of Albany, died in 1567, married with Mary, Queen of Scots, died in 1587
38. JAMES I, King of England (1603-1625), married with Anne of Denmark, died in 1619
39. ELIZABETH, died in 1662, married with Frederick V, King of Bohemia, died in 1632
40. SOPHIA, died in 1714, married with Ernest Augustus, Elector Hannover
41. GEORGE I, King of the English (1714-1727), married with Sphia Dorothea of ​​Celle, died in 1726
42. GEORGE II, King of the English (1727-1760), married with Caroline from Bradenburg Auspach, died in 1737
43. FREDERICK, Prince of Wales, died in 1751, married with Augusta of Saxe-Coburg, died in 1772
44. GEORGE III, King of the English (1760-1820), married with Charlotte of Mackenburg-Sterlitz, died in 1818
45. EDWARD, Duke of Kent, died in 1820, married with Victoria of Saxe-Coburg (1786-1861)
46. ​​VICTORIA, Queen of England (1837-1901), married Albert of Saxe-with Coburg and Gotha (1819-1861)
47. EDWARD VII, King of the English (1901-1910), married with Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925)
48. GEORGE V, King of the English (1910-1936), married with Mary of Teck (1867-1953)
49. GEORGE VI, King of England (1936-1952), married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-with Lyon (1900-2001)
50 ELIZABETH II, Queen of England since 1952, married with Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born in 1921

From the illustration above pedigree, with a debate arising from the existence or status of Princess Zaida (Number. 19). Some genealogists assume she is not the daughter of Emir of Seville, but the law. But there are also who think otherwise, which proves that Zaida was the daughter of Muhammad II ibn al Abbad al Mutamid Allah. Seville is the Emir Muhammad II, who built the city of Seville as the Islamic cultural center of Spain. Zaida converted to the faith at the beginning of the collapse of the dynasty Ummayads in Spain, so the offspring have different beliefs with their ancestors of the Arabs. At that time there was a wave of state coercion to restore Spain as the original, pre-Islamic times to get in there. Alfonsi VI has 5 wives and several concubines. Among the concubine it is Zaida renamed Elizabeth. Strong evidence to support the status is always displayed as a child Zaida Emir of Seville.
In the tomb tomb Zaida in Sahagun, writing “HR Regina Elisabeth, uxor Regis Adefonsi, philia Benabet Regis Sevillae, quae prius Zayda, fuit vocata”. In English “Here rest the Queen Elizabeth, wife of King Alfonso, Daughter of Aben-Abeth, King of Seville, formerly named Zayda”
The word “Fuit Uocitata” Fuit Actually Vocitata (alphabet ‘U’ is usually pronounced as a ‘V’). It means roughly “normally called” or “often invoked” Elizabeth. Zaida died while giving birth of his child, dated 12 September 1099, about 910 years ago. “Benabet” in the tomb Zaida means bin Abbad, his father’s family name Zaida, Abbad bin or Abbadiyah dynasty (Abbadids).
Until now Zaida status continues to be questioned by historians and genealogy, whether he is really the daughter of Emir of Seville or the law.

Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 Natural Queen of the Commonwealth.
United Kingdom (1952 – Now)
Canada (1952 – Now)
Australia (1952 – Now)
New Zealand (1952 – Now)
Pakistan (1952 – 1956)
South Africa (1952 – 1961)
Sri Lanka (1952 – 1972)
Ghana (1957 – 1960)
Nigeria (1960 – 1963)
Sierra Leone (1961 – 1971)
Tanganyika (1961 – 1962)
Jamaica (1962 – Now)
Trinidad and Tobago (1962 – 1976)
Uganda (1962 – 1963)
Kenya (1963 – 1964)
Malawi (1964 – 1966)
Malta (1964 – 1974)
Gambia (1965 – 1970)
Guyana (1966 – 1970)
Barbados (1966- Now)
Mauritius (1968 – 1992)
Fiji (1970 – 1987)
Bahamas (1973 – Now)
Grenada (1974 – Now)
Papua New Guinea (1975 – Now)
Solomon Islands (1978 – Now)
Tuvalu (1978 – Now)
Saint Lucia (1979 – Now)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1979 – Now)
Belize (1981 – Now)
Antigua and Barbuda (1981 – Now)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (1983 – Now)
Reigning: February 6, 1952 – Now
Coronation: June 2, 1953
Predecessor: George VI
Crown Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Prime Minister
Couple Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (AD 1947)
Details Son of Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
Anne, Princess Royal
Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Edward, Prince of Wessex
Full name
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
House of Windsor
Father George VI
Mother Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon
Born 21 April 1926 (age 88)
Mayfair, London, England, United Kingdom
Baptist May 29, 1926
Buckingham Palace, London
Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, born 21 April 1926, age 88 years [note 1] is a Constitutional Monarchy Queen of 16 sovereign states (known as the Commonwealth Natural) along with its dependencies and territories, as well as chairman of the 54 members of the Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth is also the Supreme Governor of the UK. Having ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952, Queen Elizabeth became Head of the Commonwealth once the queen of the seven Natural Commonwealth (Commonwealth Realms) independent, namely: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Since 1956 to 1992, the number of his Commonwealth Natural vary and some areas transformed into an independent republic. Currently, in addition to the first four countries mentioned above, the Queen Elizabeth is also the queen of Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis. During the 62-year reign is the second longest reign in the history of Great Britain Monarchy after Queen Victoria, who ruled for 63 years. Queen Elizabeth was born in London and was educated privately. His father became George VI ascended the throne in 1936 after his uncle, Edward VIII, releasing his throne, and Elizabeth unexpectedly become the next successor to the throne. Elizabeth began her social duty during World War II by serving in the Red Cross. In 1947, she married Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and then had four children, namely Pabgera Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Coronation ceremony held in 1953 and was the first coronation ceremony that was broadcast on television. Queen Elizabeth has held meetings and historic state visit, including a state visit to the United Arab Emirate Arab Republic of Ireland and the reciprocal visit of the Pope and to the Roman Catholic. Queen Elizabeth also has been a living witness to many major changes that occur in Nature commonwealth constitution, such as devolution in the United Kingdom, and the separation of the constitution of Canada. While personally, the Queen also has witnessed many important events that occurred in the monarchy, including birth and marriage of children and grandchildren, the coronation ceremony of the Prince of Wales, and the Jubilee celebration of silver, gold, and diamond queen in 1977, 2002 and 2012 Events historic also occur during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, among them the events Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Falklands War, and the Afghanistan War. There are also moments of grief in its path, including the death of his father at the age of 56 years, the murder of an uncle of Prince Philip, the son of destruction household – his daughter in 1992, the death-in-law, Lady Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997, and maternal mortality and sister of Queen Elizabeth in 2002 and the family empire often receive criticism and condemnation of the mass media and figures Pros – Republic, but personal popularity and support flowing to the kingdom remains high. Queen Elizabeth II has become the second longest monarchy in 1,000 years of British history. He is now following George III, who ruled for 59 years, 96 days plus 13 extra – leap year days, totaling 21,644 days. Only one royal ancestor has greater longevity on the throne: Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth with her father who later became King George VI

Royal sisters: Princess Elizabeth and Margaret in February 1939.
Albert and Elizabeth, the Duke and Duchess of York, and their daughter Princess Elizabeth in June 1927
Royal family: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with their daughters Princess Elizabeth and Margaret.













Indonesian language:

Benarkah Ratu Elizabeth II Keturunan Baginda Rosuluwllah (“Nabi Muhammad”) ??

Pada TAHUN 1986 ada sebuah berita kecil muncul di media massa, terutama di belahan dunia bagian barat. Beritanya tidak begitu penting dan bikin gusar banyak orang. Saat itu masih suasana perang dingin. Kebanyakan berita yang muncul sekitar perseturuan antara barat dan komunis. Di bulan Oktober tahun itu keluar sebuah pernyataan oleh seorang ahli genealogi ternama di barat. “Harold Brooks – Baker”. Dia memang mengakui dirinya sebagai ahli menulusuri ilmiah para bangsawan barat dan juga berbagai tokoh penting. Harold Brook-Bakers membuat pernyataan kepada wartawan yang sederhana dan menggemparkan dengan mempertaruhkan reputasinya. “The British Royal Family Is Descended From Mohammed Through The Arab Kings Of Seville, Who Once Ruled Spain”. By marriage, their blood passed to the European kings of Portugal and Castille, and through them to England’s 15th century King Edward IV.”
Singkatnya, Ratu Elizabeth II adalah keturunan langsung Nabi Muhammad. Tentu semua orang tidak mempercayai nya kalau saja Raja Hassan II dari Maroko atau Raja Hussein dari Jordania, orang bisa memaklumi karena mereka memang berasal dari bangsa Arab. Tetapi untuk Ratu Inggris sangat sulit diterima. Bahkan kalau bisa ditolak dengan argumentasi yang berbeda, seperti yang diajukan Harold Brooks-Baker.
Berita ini tidak ditanggapi oleh pihak istana Buckingham, tetapi disambut gembira oleh masyarakat muslim di dunia, meski ada yang menolaknya karena keterbatasan wawasan berpikir dan olah pikir. Apalagi, agama nomor dua di Inggris adalah Agama Islam. Bagaimana ceritanya, Ratu Elizabeth II itu berdarah Arab dan nenek moyangnya berasal dari suku Quraisy, sukunya Nabi Muhammad. Secara genetis, keluarga kerajaan Inggris ( Royal Family ) memang memiliki banyak campuran darah dari berbagai tokoh dunia dari penjuru dunia. Dan anehnya, bisa dibuktikan secara dokumentasi sejarah, meski bisa diperkuat lagi dengan penelitian ilmiah. Kenyataan bahwa Ratu Elizabeth II memiliki darah Arab dari Nabi Muhammad, akan membawa konsekuensi luas. kenapa? Jika itu memang benar secara historis dan genetis, ini artinya sama saja ingin mengatakan bahwa hampir semua keluarga kerajaan di daratan Eropa adalah keturunan Nabi Muhammad. Mulai dari dinsati Romanov di Rusia yang digulingkan kaum Bolshevik dan dihukum mati sekeluarga. Kaum royalis Spanyol, Portugal ( Maupun Brasil ), Belanda, Belgia, Swedia, Denmark, Norwegia, Germany, Yugoslavia, Italia, dinasti van Oranje dari Belanda dan banyak lagi. Karena kebanyakan keluarga kerajaan di Eropa mempunyai nenek moyang yang paling dekat dan bisa dilacak, yaitu Ratu Victoria dari Inggris. Sang ratu yang berkuasa lebih 60 tahun, memiliki keturunan yang kini menjadi raja dan permaisuri di berbagai negara Eropa barat. Makanya, Ratu Victoria disebut juga “Mother of Europe” dalam arti yang sebenarnya. Ratu Elizabeth II pasti bisa ditelusuri mulai dari Spanyol karena negeri ini paling banyak berkenalan dan juga sebagai tempat tinggal para bangsawan Arab yang menguasai negeri itu selama lebih 800 dari tahun. berbicara mengenai Logika dalam waktu 800 tahun lama nya tidak ada pertalian saudara lewat perkawinan untuk rentang waktu selama itu. -Catatan: “Orang bekerja di luar negeri saja bisa menikah dengan orang lokal, meski dalam hitungan 6 – 10 tahun. Apalagi untuk waktu selama 800 tahun, pasti terjadi perkawinan serta pertalian darah”. Untuk mengetahui dan membuktikan “Harold Brooks-Baker,” Dinasti Ummayah yang berkuasa di sana, serta dinasti-dinasti kecil yang berkuasa setelah keruntuhan Ummayah tahun 1031 di Spanyol dan Portugal. Seperti dinasti Abbadiyah yang berkuasa dan mendirikan serta membangun kota indah Sevilla. Dinasti ini punya darah keturunan dari Nabi Muhammad. Seorang putri dari raja-raja dinasti ini menikah dengan bangsawan Leon dan Castille, yang kemudian melahirkan raja-raja Portugal serta akhirnya Inggris. Tentunya juga banyak sekali raja dan ratu monarki di Eropa. Menurut para ahli genealogi, ada lima garis silsilah yang bisa melacak keturunan Nabi Muhammad sampai kepada keluarga kerajaan Inggris. Semua garis silsilah itu punya kelemahan dan kekuatan dalam pembuktian ilmiah secara historis. Garis mana yang kita kaji dulu, sehingga bisa menyimpulkan bahwa Ratu Elizabeth II adalah keturunan Nabi Muhammad? Garis keturunan yang melalui seorang putri bangsawan dinasti Abbadiyah, yaitu Zaida. Membicarakan keturunan Nabi Muhammad di daratan Eropa, paling unik menelaah kepada Ratu Elizabeth II. Mengapa? Kerajaan Inggris merupakan kerajaan yang paling populer dibanding dengan kaum bangsawan Eropa lainnya. Hampir semua orang tahu siapa Ratu Inggris, siapa itu Pangeran Charles dan siapa pula Pangeran William atau ibunya yang menjadi selebritis dunia, mendiang Putri Diana. Tidak banyak yang mengetahui tentang Anggota Kerajaan lain, misal nya siapa Norwegia, Putra Mahkota Kerajaan Spanyol atau Ratu Denmark dan Menurut penelitian para ahli genealogi, anggota kerajaan Inggris memiliki kaitan darah dengan banyak kaum bangsawan di dunia. Satu diantaranya dari darah para bangsawan Arab, yang berasal dari keturunan Nabi Muhammad. Tetapi fakta ini banyak yang tidak mempercayainya dengan argumentasi yang berbeda-beda. Tidak mudah memang membuktikannya. Perlu data sejarah yang sangat kuat dan harus mencari bukti yang ilmiah. Jika tidak, fakta itu tidak lebih dari sebuah utak atik di atas kertas, yang semua orang bisa melakukannya. Dengan melihat kenyataan bahwa Nabi Muhammad mempunyai keturunan yang jabatannya tidak tanggung-tanggung, Kepala Gereja Anglikan Inggris. Sebuah jabatan ex officio yang disandang oleh setiap raja atau ratu Inggris.
Sebenarnya, fakta sejarah yang menyatakan adanya keterkaitan darah antara bangsawan Inggris dengan Nabi Muhammad, sudah ada sejak lama dan aromanya hanya tercium dalam kalangan akademis atau pada perdebatan buku. Hanya “Harold Brooks-Baker” yang berani mengungkapkan kepada media massa, sehingga diketahui publik luas. Kerajaan Inggris sekarang dinamakan wangsa Windsor (House of Windsor) mempunyai pandangan yang obyektif terhadap Islam, terutama sejak usainya perang dunia. Puluhan negara-negara persemakmuran yang isinya negara bekas jajahan Inggris, justru kebanyakan berpenduduk muslim. Ada sebagian kecil dari negara-negara tersebut yang dipimpim langsung oleh ratu Inggris. Misalnya Kanada, Australia, Selandia Baru, Bahama, Fiji, Papua Niugini dan banyak lagi. Ratu hanya diwakili oleh seorang gubernur jenderal.
Jadi, sangat tidak mungkin bagi seorang raja atau ratu, bahkan perdana menteri Inggris memiliki opini yang negatif terhadap Islam. Sejak invasi perang yang sia-sia di Irak, kantor perdana menteri Inggris mulai mengucapkan selamat berpuasa kepada umat Islam. Ratu Inggris kadang mendatangi sebuah mesjid saat berkunjung ke Pakistan tahun 1961, atau ketika ke Aljazair tahun 1983 dan terakhir mendengarkan ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran saat datang ke sebuah mesjid di Turki. Namun anehnya, baru tahun 2002 Ratu Elizabeth II mengunjungi sebuah mesjid di tanahnya sendiri “Inggris”, di Lincolnshire. Dan menantakan “Mana arah ke Mekkah?”, tanya ratu saat memasuki mesjid. Pertalian darah ratu Inggris dengan Nabi Muhammad justru makin meyakinkan sebuah tekad dan identitas pemeluk agama Islam di Inggris, agama terbesar kedua setelah Anglikan. “Kami muslim Inggris dan dia adalah ratu kami”, kata seorang tokoh muslim di sana asal Pakistan. Dan banyak warga remaja di Inggris menjadi mualaf Menelusuri nenek moyang anggota kerajaan Inggris dari bangsawan Arab, banyak dilakukan melalui sebuah pelacakan literature berbahasa Spanyol dan Portugis. Dua bahasa dari negeri tempat bermukimnya para dinasti Arab lebih dari 800 tahun lamanya. Justru jarang yang berasal dari bahasa Arab.
Ada beberapa jalur silsilah cara melihat bagaimana para kaum aristokrat Arab di sana, menurunkan para raja di Eropa hingga saat ini. Tiap jalur memiliki banyak perdebatan untuk bisa menerima kenyataan pertalian darah tersebut. Masih banyak derajat spekulasi yang dibumbui dengan koneksi hipotetis dalam menyampaikan pernyataan untuk membuktikan bahwa Nabi Muhammad menurunkan hubungan darah kepada para aristokrat Eropa. Namun tidak berarti tidak ada hubungan darah antara kaum bangsawan Eropa dengan Nabi Muhammad. Hubungan itu selalu ada dari banyak sisi penelusuran. Bahkan meskipun sang ratu bukan keturunan Nabi Muhammad, tetapi dia masih kerabat Nabi Muhammad. Untuk mengetahui dan membuktikan pertalian itu, harus diketahui keadaan negeri Spanyol dan juga Portugal selama kekuasaan orang-orang Arab di sana. Mereka berkuasa selama 800 tahun dalam berbagai dinasti. Sejak 711 ketika Tariq bin Ziyad masuk ke Spanyol melalui Gibraltar atas perintah Khalifah Walid I dari Ummayah di Siria, hingga tahun 1031 adalah masa kekuasaan dinasti Ummayah. Setelah mereka runtuh, kekuasaan diteruskan oleh kerajaan-kerajaan kecil yang berkuasa secara lokal hingga tahun 1492, ketika Spanyol suci hama dari yang berbau Islam. Dinasti-dinasti lokal itu disebut “party kingdoms” atau “Reyes de Taifas”. Ada dua dinasti yang jelas-jelas menganggap mereka keturunan Nabi Muhammad, yaitu Hammudiyah dan Abbadiyah yang berkuasa dan membangun kota Seville di awal milenium kedua. Dari dinasti Abbadiyah ini paling mudah menelusuri nenek moyang anggota kerajaan Inggris yang berasal dari Arab. Meskipun tidak mudah dan tidak lepas dari kritikan dan argumentasi pendapat yang berbeda. Inilah silsilah yang bisa mengambar sebuah ilustrasi pertalian darah dari Nabi Muhammad kepada keluarga kerajaan Inggris:

1. MUHAMMAD, (571-632)
2. FATIMA, menikah dgn Ali bin Abi Thalib wafat 661, jadi khalifah 656-661
3. HUSSEIN, (626-680), Imam ke 3 Syiah
4. ALI ZAINAL ABIDIN, (653-713), Imam ke 4 Syiah
5. MUHAMMAD AL BAKIR, (681-733), Imam ke 5 Syiah
6. JAFFAR SADDIQ, (708-765), Imam ke 6 Syiah
7. ISMAIL, (736-764), pendiri Syiah Ismailiyah8. MUHAMMAD, wafat 808
9. WAFI AHMAD, wafat 808
10. TAQI MUHAMMAD, wafat 893
11. RADIUDIN ABDULLAH, wafat 901
12. UBAYDILLAH AL MAHDI, (846-934), khalifah pertama Fatimiyah di Mesir
13. MUHAMMAD AL QAIM, (873-946), khalifah ke 2 Fatimiyah
14. ISMAIL AL MANSUR, (901-952), khalifah ke 3 Fatimiyah
15. DIHJA, menikah dgn Qaris bin Abbad, kadi di Seville, Spanyol
16. ISMAIL BIN QARIS, kadi di Seville, Spanyol
16. MUHAMMAD I ABUL KASIM, (980-1042), khatib di Seville, Spanyol (dinasti Abbadiyah)
17. ABBAD AL MUTADID, (1010-1069) Emir di Seville, Spanyol (dinasti Abbadiyah)
18. MUHAMMAD II AL MUTAMID, (1040-1095), Emir di Seville, Spanyol (dinasti Abbadiyah), saudara kandung #17
19. ZAIDA, menikah dgn Alfonso VI the Valiant, Raja Leon (1065-1109), Raja Castile (1072-1109)
20. SANCHA, menikah dgn Rodrigo “El Franco” Gonsalez de Lara
21. RODRIGO RODRIGUEZ DE LARA, menikah dgn Garcia de Azagra
22. SANCHA DE LARA, menikah dgn Gonzalo (II) Ruiz Giron, wafat 1234
23. MARIA GONZALEZ RUIZ, menikah dgn Guillen Perez de Guzman
24. MARIA, wafat tahun 1262 menikah dgn Alfonso IX, Raja Castile (1312-1350)
25. BEATRIX, menikah dgn Alfonso III, Raja Portugal (1248-1279)
26. DIONISISO, Raja Portugal (1279- 1325), menikah dgn Isabel of Aragon, putri Pedro III, Raja Aragon (1276-1285)
27. ALFONSO IV THE BRAVE, Raja Portugal (1325-1357), menikah dgn Beatrice, putri Sancho IV, Raja Castile (1284-1296)
28. MARIA, (1313-1357) menikah dgn Alfonso XI, Raja Castile (1312-1350)
29. PEDRO THE CRUEL, Raja Castile (1350-1369), menikah dgn Blance of Bourbon
30. ISABELLE (1355-1394), menikah dgn Edmund, Duke of York, England wafat 1402
31. RICHARD PLANTAGENET, Earl of Cambridge, wafat 1415, menikah dgn Anne Mortimer, penerus keluarga Clarence
32. RICHARD, Duke of York, menikah dgn Lady Cecily Neville, putrid Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmoreland
33. EDWARD IV, Raja Inggris (1461-1483), menikah dgn Elizabeth, putrid Sir Richard Woodvile
34. HENRY VII, Raja Inggris (1485-1509), menikah Elizabeth wafat 1503
35. MARGARET, menikah dgn Archibald, Earl of Angus
36. LADY MARGARET DOUGLAS, wafat tahun 1578, menikah dgn Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox, wafat 1671
37. HENRY STUART, Lord Darnley, Duke of Albany, wafat tahun 1567, menikah dgn Mary, Ratu Skotlandia, wafat 1587
38. JAMES I, Raja Inggris (1603-1625), menikah dgn Anne dari Denmark, wafat 1619
39. ELIZABETH, wafat tahun 1662, menikah dgn Frederick V, Raja Bohemia, wafat tahun 1632
40. SOPHIA, wafat tahun 1714, menikah dgn Ernest Augustus, Elector Hannover
41. GEORGE I, Raja inggris (1714-1727), menikah dgn Sphia Dorothea dari Celle, wafat tahun 1726
42. GEORGE II, Raja inggris (1727-1760), menikah dgn Caroline dari Bradenburg Auspach, wafat tahun 1737
43. FREDERICK, Pangeran Wales, wafat tahun 1751, menikah dgn Augusta dari Saxe-Coburg, wafat tahun 1772
44. GEORGE III, Raja inggris (1760-1820), menikah dgn Charlotte dari Mackenburg-Sterlitz, wafat tahun 1818
45. EDWARD, Duke of Kent, wafat tahun 1820, menikah dgn Victoria dari Saxe-Coburg (1786-1861)
46. VICTORIA, Ratu Inggris (1837-1901), menikah dgn Albert dari Saxe-Coburg dan Gotha (1819-1861)
47. EDWARD VII, Raja inggris (1901-1910), menikah dgn Alexandra dari Denmark (1844-1925)
48. GEORGE V, Raja inggris (1910-1936), menikah dgn Mary of Teck (1867-1953)
49. GEORGE VI, Raja Inggris (1936-1952), menikah dgn Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900-2001)
50. ELIZABETH II, Ratu Inggris sejak 1952, menikah dgn Phillip, Duke of Edinburg, lahir tahun 1921

Dari ilustrasi silsilah di atas, timbul perdebatan dengan keberadaan atau status dari Putri Zaida (no. 19). Beberapa ahli genealogi menganggap dia bukan putri Emir Seville, tetapi menantunya. Namun ada juga yang beranggapan sebaliknya, yang membuktikan bahwa Zaida adalah putri dari Muhammad II bin Abbad al Mutamid al Allah. Muhammad II adalah Emir Seville, yang membangun kota Seville sebagai pusat kebudayaan Islam Spanyol. Zaida berpindah keyakinan pada awal keruntuhan dinasti Ummayah di Spanyol, sehingga anak keturunannya memiliki keyakinan yang berbeda dengan nenek moyang mereka dari Arab. Saat itu ada gelombang pemaksaan untuk mengembalikan negeri Spanyol seperti aslinya, jaman sebelum Islam masuk ke sana. Alfonsi VI memiliki 5 istri dan beberapa selir. Diantara selir itu adalah Zaida yang berganti nama menjadi Elizabeth. Bukti-bukti kuat selalu ditampilkan untuk mendukung status Zaida sebagai anak Emir Seville.
Di pusara makam Zaida di Sahagun, tertulis “H.R. Regina Elisabeth, uxor Regis Adefonsi, filia Benabet Regis Sevillae, quae prius Zayda, fuit vocata”. Dalam bahasa Inggris ” Di sini beristirahat Ratu Elizabeth, istri Raja Alfonso, putri Aben-abeth, raja Seville, sebelumnya bernama Zayda”
Kata “Fuit uocitata” sebenarnya fuit vocitata (aksara ‘U’ biasanya dilafalkan sebagai ‘V’). Artinya kira-kira “biasanya disebut” atau “sering dipanggil” Elizabeth. Zaida wafat ketika sedang melahirkan anak nya, tanggal 12 September 1099, sekitar 910 tahun silam. “Benabet” dalam pusara makam Zaida artinya bin Abbad, nama keluarga ayahnya Zaida, bin Abbad atau dinasti Abbadiyah (Abbadids).
Hingga kini status Zaida terus dipertanyakan oleh para ahli sejarah dan genealogi, apakah dia benar-benar putri Emir Seville atau menantunya.


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